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Camper van trip inspiration

Here are some recommended destinations that we've visited first hand. Feel free to contact us if you'd like more inspiration for your trip


Basque Country

An unforgettable coastline with beach after beach and beautiful surf spots. If you're a foody, hit St. Sebastien for late night pinchos and G&T.



Beaches that spread as far as the eye can see and vast national parks that are equally as stunning. No shortage of great waves to tickle your fancy. Visit Nazare for one of the largest waves in the world and Porto for its fine port and coffee.


This beautiful region of Spain is famous for its exquisite seafood. The beautiful fishing town of Cambarro is a must see.



This infamous French alpine village is home to mountaineers and outdoor enthusiasts all year round. Enjoy extreme skiing in the winter and trail running in the summer amongst many other activities. The cuisine here is delightfully varied compared with other alpine villages.



Internationally renowned for its surf scene, Mundaka is a beautiful fishing village in the Spanish basque country. Beutifully quaint villages are plentiful along this coastline. This outcrop (pictured) near Bakio is well worth a visit.



Culture, great food and plenty of beaches...Lisbon has it all and lots more. The city vibe here seems to ooze tranquillity at the same time. One must try the coffee, the pasteis de nata and the beer. They are all exquisite!


These vast towering mountains entice some of the worlds best climbers. Well organise mountain bike trails provide hundreds of kms of fun for two wheeled enthusiasts. Beautifully maintained refuges serving delicious local food are a welcome respite for the keen hikers amongst you. Refuge Gardenacia has apple Strudel to die for.

_MG_2772 copy.jpg

French alpine villages don't come more authentic than this. Said to be even more popular for its summer activities than the winter. This magnet for climbing, hiking and trail running is truly a gem of the Savoie region. Hike around the breathe taking Vanoise glacier by day and enjoy traditional Savoyard cuisine at one of many mountain refuges by night.



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